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Enviroprobe's New Geoprobe 8140LS Sonic Drill Rig

We are proud and excited to

share our recently acquired Geoprobe 8140LS Sonic Drill Rig with our clients. The 8140 replaces our previous sonic rig with the intentions of still reaching the same desired drilling targets, but at a more affordable cost. The main idea in the decision to go with the Geoprobe Sonic Rig was to be able to mobilize and demobilize the machine ourselves. Often the hefty cost of having a low boy truck hauling our previous machine was too costly a price for our clients to work into their projects. The new machine is hauled by our drillers in house and the savings are able to passed along to our partners.

Our new 8140LS features a powerful 30K roto-sonic drill head capable of reaching depths of 100-150 ft below ground surface. Sonic drilling is considered far more efficient in both rate of production and waste created, while also generally producing samples which conventional methods cannot. Continuous cores are able to be collected through unconsolidated soils, rock, and glacial till.

Reach out to Don Aexander at or check out the Geoprobe 8140LS Sonic Drill Rig at

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