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5410 Geoprobe Standard Features:

  • 54" stroke using 48" probe rods Electronic depth indicator

  • Two-speed pull cylinder 28,900-pound pulling capacity

  • Rod grip pull block

  • Equipped with GH42 soil probing hammer

  • Double the structural strength of 5400

  • Hydraulic lateral movement for offset placement of probes

  • Hydraulically-powered from the vehicle engine


Enviroprobe's primary piece of investigative equipment for subsurface investigation activities is our hydraulic, direct push, probing machine. Geoprobe soil probing is the most effective technique for conducting subsurface investigations. The unit is mounted on a four-wheel-drive Ford F350 truck and has a 54-inch stroke which accommodates the Geoprobe 48-inch probe rods.


The 5410 geoprobe is capable of groundwater sampling to depths of approximately 100' and soil sampling to depths of approximately 60' bgs in unconsolidated formations.


The 5410 has double the strength of its predecessor the 5400 but weighs the same. It is equipped with an electronic depth indicator which tracks the depth of the sampling tool on a digital readout on the main control panel. The re-design of the GH42 soil boring hammer provides twice the torque of the original GH40 hammer (690 ft-lb compared to 345 ft-lb). This translates into more power for turning the drilling steels through pavement and concrete. This unit is designed and equipped to provide maximum on-site production.


Geoprobe 5410 Specifications

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