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All of Enviroprobe's track mounted combination probe/auger rigs can be fitted with one of Geoprobe's Automatic Drop Hammers for performing Standard Penetration Testing (SPT). The auto hammers are capable of providing SPT data which conforms to ASTM D1586-99 for geotechnical data. Enviroprobe owns and operates both the DH100 and the DH103.

Enviroprobe's DH100 can be fitted onto Envioprobe's 6610DTs, 6620DT or our 7720DT. Enviroprobe's DH103 is compatible with our 7822DTs. If your scope of work requires any combination of, SPT geotechnical data, DPT probe, auger, air-rotary, mud-rotary and well installation, Geoprobe's rigs are the perfect rig with the ultimate project flexibility.

Geoprobe DH100 Specifications

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