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Off-Road/Limited Access Drilling Unit

The Model 5400 probe assembly is fabricated from the same components as other 5400 Series machines. It is mounted on a Toro Dingo Track Machine for easy maneuverability. The Toro Dingo also provides power for the 5400 unit. When folded, the unit is less than 50 inches high. The unit requires only 36" of width for site access and can maneuver agilely in confined spaces. This unit can also be remotely powered by another Geoprobe unit, so that exhaust isn't produced in the work area during drilling operations. The other Geoprobe unit, which can provide power, must be located in a suitable location within the range of the 100' auxiliary hydraulic hoses. The Dingo unit can also be powered by propane to reduce the exhaust to levels similar to a forklift as seen above.


Dingo 5400 Standard Features:

  • 54-inch stroke

  • Mounted on Toro Dingo Track Mounted machine for easy maneuverability

  • Equipped with GH40 Soil Probing Hammer

  • Supplies 25,000 pounds of pulling capacity

  • Performs same operations as larger probes including concrete drilling, soil and groundwater sampling, and conductivity logging

  • Weighs less than 725 pounds

  • Requires only 36" of width for site access

  • Alternately powered by a PortaCo power unit for indoor work

  • Easily attaches to remote power unit by way of hydraulic lines with quick connects

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