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Homeowners and/or real estate agents often have a need to verify the existence (or lack thereof) of underground storage tanks (USTs). Enviroprobe Service employs highly skilled geophysicists and geophysical technicians that can accurately identify the configuration, location, and depth of underground tanks whether the tank is located in open ground or under a concrete slab.

Enviroprobe Service utilizes a combination of ground penetrating radar (GPR), metallic locators, magnetometers, electromagnetic induction, and more to choose the right tools for your project. Sites can vary from a relatively small sidewalk area to multiple acre properties and should be treated uniquely to achieve the best results. Our veteran staff has over 105 years combined experience in geophysical investigations.

We strongly urge customers to ask questions and educate themselves about this process. Not all tank sweeps are created equally. Usually if the cost of the project seems too good to be true, it is. Many companies represent their services as being complete scans or thorough and are far from it. Often times these companies have a representative conducting the investigation with little experience and only using a "metal detector" to quickly search the property. Enviroprobe Service is often called in behind these types of investigations to search through areas of reinforced concrete, paved surfaces, or around other limitations which we can usually overcome with our extensive experience and depth of tools. Most home inspectors or tank service providers perform these activities with limited experience and resources.

This critical task can result in a great deal of liability and cost if not performed correctly. Our team does not limit searches to a small radius around the dwelling or exclude vacant lots. We encourage clients to provide access to basement spaces or areas of concern like furnace rooms where piping or clues indicative of USTs may be missed by an untrained eye. Additionally, we also utilize pipe and cable locators to identify the routing of the fill, vent, and product lines or the presence of energized cables/conduits that might impede excavation during the tank removal process.

Included with the cost of every tank sweep is:

  • The use of GPR, magnetic locators or magnetometers, pipe and cable locators

  • All identified anomalies or USTs marked on site with paint, chalk, tape, or flags

  • A letter report describing the scope of work, results or findings, and any significant limitations

  • A non-scaled site sketch for reference showing any USTs or anomalies identified on site


Call or email Enviroprobe Service today to avoid complicated delays or unexpected costs.

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