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Concrete GPR Locates:

  • Plastic and steel conduits

  • Rebar

  • Cables  

  • Pipes

  • Post-Tension cables

  • Dowels

  • Voids


Real-time concrete inspection using radar is the most effective way to locate rebar, pipes, post-tension cables, dowels, and plastic and fiber optic conduits in concrete. This radar inspection can also detect voids within concrete slabs and under concrete slabs.


The radar survey can conduct a concrete inspection of concrete block walls, concrete floors, concrete slabs, airport runways, tunnels, abutments, dams, and garages.


Asphalt roads and surfaces can also be scanned.  

Concrete as thick as 18 inches or thicker can be scanned. The condition of concrete slabs can be inspected including approximate thickness, deterioration, and structural problems.


The technician pulls the radar antenna along the concrete surface simultaneously recording the radar data on a computer. The image of the concrete is immediately seen on the computer screen.


The imaging system can also produce a grid image for immediate inspection and real-time decisions for time-sensitive construction decisions.

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