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  • 66 in. (1676 mm) probe cylinder stroke allows the use of 60 in. (1,524 mm) probe rods

  • Over 20-ton pulling capacity for today’s larger sampling tools and deeper depths

  • Equipped with the powerful GH62 Hammer

  • Heavy Duty Undercarriage has a wider track that carries more weight, adds more torque, reduces ground pressure and handles greater tool weight

  • Wireless remote control

  • Built-in rotary spindle for concrete drilling, augering, and anchoring

  • Equipped with a hydraulic winch for handling augers and tripping dual tube sampling tools

  • Two-speed probe cylinder cycles from bottom to top in less than 5 seconds

  • Powered by a four-cylinder, 54 Hp, liquid-cooled Kubota turbo diesel engine

  • Hydraulic movement in all three axes allows easy probe alignment with a tool string

  • Auxiliary hydraulic ports provide power for remote equipment

The design of the Geoprobe® Model 6620DT direct push machine offers the complete package. From auxiliary power sources, a workhorse hammer, and a well-planned work area. The 12-inch track allows this direct push machine to be used on concrete and pavement as well as off-road and rugged terrain. The width of the machine is 60 inches with the robust undercarriage providing more stability for probing and drilling. The machine is equipped with augering capabilities, a winch to help with tool placement, and a DH66 Auto Drop Hammer. The 6620DT Geoprobe can flexibly switch from environmental to geotechnical work with little time and effort. The ground speed of the 6620DT ranges from 4.5 mph for quick field movement to a slow maneuvering speed. The machine also includes a wireless remote control, onboard tool storage, and an accessible engine compartment for quick systems checks.


Water Transport System provides 25 gallons of water in a polyethylene water tank.


Overhead Mast and Hydraulic Winch aids in the heavy lifting of large tooling and augers. Also helpful for tripping dual tube samplers. Lifting capacity is approximately 3,000 pounds.


GA3000 Augerhead swings out from mount enabling 5 minutes changes from a direct push. Capable of holes from 2.5 in to 9.75 in OD.

DH66 Automatic Drop Hammer allows geotechnical standard penetration tests. Uses auxiliary hydraulics on the machine for repeatable and accurate blow count results.

Geoprobe 6620DT Specifications

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