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Sub-bottom profiling is applicable to:


  • Lock and dam construction projects

  • Bridge scour surveys

  • Reservoir construction

  • Pipeline and cable route surveys

  • Drill site investigations

  • Sediment deposition determinations

  • Locating buried objects

  • Pre- and post-dredging surveys

  • Bedrock profiling


Sub-bottom profiling or imaging is a variation of seismic reflection used at the surface of fresh and marine water bodies. This procedure makes rapid, continuous reflection soundings of the structure below the bottom of the water body. The sub-bottoming techniques can be applied to a large variety of water bodies. Salt water harbors, shipping channels, rivers, and lakes are all good candidates for this technology. Through the use of different acoustical sources, different features can be explored. Low frequency, low resolution boomers are designed for deep penetration of lithologic units. High frequency pingers are intended for high resolution shallow surveys. Data collection is rapid and detailed, but requires significant processing time to make good empirical interpretations.


Enviroprobe's Edgetech SB216 combined with our 3100P topside unit offers excellent resolution for rivers, lakes, ponds and shallow water ocean applications up to 300m maximum depth.

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