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Electrical Resistivity Imaging In Bermuda

In 2015, Enviroprobe conducted an electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) survey to locate underground caves in Bermuda. Along with the beauty and myth of Bermuda came one of the most difficult surveys. The majority of the survey areas were in jungles with tough terrains. Paths had to be cleared for the survey lines and they were kept narrow to minimize the impact to vegetation. In humid weather, carrying heavy equipment while watching your footing was a challenge to the survey crew, both physically and mentally.

Despite the difficult survey conditions, Enviroprobe's survey crew spent a month completing about 100 ERI lines with miles of linear length in total without any major injuries. One of the hazards identified by the Enviroprobe's survey crew was tree stems with sharp tips after they were cut for path clearing. As shown in the picture below, "Slips, Trips and Falls" in this situation was not just an usual safety checkup.

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