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3D Concrete Scanning

Enviroprobe utilizes high frequency antennas for concrete scanning to protect our customers and their infrastructure during coring and cutting activities. Based in New Jersey and Southern Florida, we routinely cover the entire east coast as well as traveling nationwide when needed. Client's often think the utility risk is limited to exterior areas and find out the hard way this is entirely untrue. This particular transect was collected in a residential tower in Philadelphia last week. It clearly depicts a re-bar grid (at approximately 1.5" - 2'') and a diagonal anomaly that was determined to be an electric conduit (at approximately 2.5"). Typically our approach is not completely dependent on GPR, in most cases we use an electromagnetic pipe and cable locator to correlate our GPR results. This has helped protect many clients in the process of coring and also allows us to not only delineate, but identify anomalies.

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