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A Sonic Drilling Rig Has Joined Our Drilling Equipment Family

Enviroprobe recently purchased a Dando SDC375 Roto-Sonic drilling rig equipped with the Sonicor 50K drill head.

It is a multipurpose sonic drilling rig capable of continuously collecting large diameter undisturbed samples at much higher rates than conventional drilling methods. Its compact and powerful design, featuring the industry leading Sonicor 50K rotary head, offers great flexibility for a range of drilling applications including mineral, water, geotechnical and GSHP.

The sonic drilling rig is a powerful machine with a small foot print allowing it to operate in area of limited space. It is outstanding in its ability to provide continuous, undisturbed core samples through any geological formation – even the most-difficult-to-drill terrain. Sonic is possibly the most effective and versatile method to drill through boulder filled glacial till. It is the most effective method for environmental soil sampling, or monitoring well installation to depths to 150 feet and installing 6” monitoring wells.


  • Fastest drilling method for environmental investigations

  • Sonic drilling has a greater depth capability than probes or HSAs

  • Sonic drilling is safer to operate due to the smooth rods and casing. The machine also has a tiltable head, a rod loader and hydraulic breakout wrenches which reduces manual labor and with no auger flights and an automated rod handling system, it increases operator safety.

  • Holes are drilled, cored and cased by rotating and vibrating the rod, core barrel and casing resonant sonic frequencies which fluidizes the surrounding soils allowing for easy sampling.

  • 80% less waste than conventional drilling equals less waste removal cost

  • The wide, soft rubber track undercarriage is both all-terrain and difficult access capable.


  • Drill and core through landfill debris or glacial till,

  • Take water samples at any depth,

  • Install continuous, multi-chamber well tubing,

  • Install large diameter extraction, remediation and sparging wells,

  • Drill without using drill mud,

  • Drill very straight holes;

  • Drill angled holes.


  • Sonic drilling is up to three times faster than hollow stem auger and substantially faster than other drilling methods. The noticeably faster drilling rate is the result of the advanced ultra-efficient sonic drilling technique.

  • The faster drilling rate translates to a much lower cost per foot on site as compared to other drilling methods.

  • Overall project costs are also reduced due to minimization of the oversight cost of field personnel and supervisory staff.

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