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Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Services

Over the years, the geophysical service provided by Enviroprobe for environmental and engineering communnities has grown tremendously. Our geophysicists and geophysical technicians employ varieties of geophysical methods including but limited to: ground penetrating radar (GPR), precision locating (for underground utility lines), borehole geophysical logging, DC electrical resistivity, sub bottom profiling, seismic, and EM mapping.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Locating underground metallic and nonmetallic pipes and utility cables

  • Delineating underground storage tanks (metallic and nonmetallic)

  • Mapping rebar in concrete structure

  • Mapping landfill boundaries

  • Delineating pits and trenches containing metallic and nonmetallic debris

  • Delineating leach fields and industrial cribs

  • Delineating previously excavated and backfilled areas

  • Mapping groundwater tables

  • Mapping bedrock topography

  • Mapping subsurface voids, cavities and sinkholes

  • Characterization of archaeological sites

  • Mapping soil and groundwater contamination

  • Bedrock fracture delineation

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