3126GT Geotechnical Drill Rig

Drill More. Make More.

The NEW 3126GT geotechnical drill increased productivity with its innovative centerline head side shift and separate hydraulic circuit for mud pump. Engineered for efficiency in a small footprint on wide tracks, the compact geotechnical drill nimbly navigates off-road without sacrificing power or versatility. The end result – faster, easier, and safer drilling.

  • ENGINEERED FOR EFFICIENCY: with six functions along the centerline, use machine hydraulics and controls to side-shift the head, simplifying your geotech applications. Complete augering, mud rotary, SPT, Shelby tubes, hard rock cores, CPT ­— even direct push  ­— without manipulating mast position or mobilizing multiple machines.

  • ENHANCED EASE AND SAFETY: boost geotechnical drill output and utilization with hands-free automatic drop hammer and integrated CPT head-feed rate control, including cone overload protection. Leverage small footprint to expand site access without sacrificing flow from mud pump or accessory storage. Bring new drillers up the learning curve quickly with easy controls and integrated safety features built to internationally-accepted standards.

3126GT Specifications