Enviroprobe’s geophysicists and geophysical technicians use a variety of geophysical equipment to map the subsurface in real-time. This high resolution mapping is invaluable for locating utility lines and UST's when drilling or geoprobing in the area, however, geophysics can be useful to answer a wide array of geotechnical questions. The following is a list of other applications:

  • Locate metallic and nonmetallic pipes and utility lines
  • Locate and delineate under ground storage tanks (metallic and non-metallic)
  • Landfill boundary mapping
  • Delineate pits and trenches containing metallic and nonmetallic debris
  • Delineate leach fields
  • Delineate previously excavated and backfilled areas
  • Map shallow ground water tables
  • Map shallow soil stratigraphy
  • Map shallow bedrock topography
  • Map subsurface voids and cavities

Enviroprobe Service, Inc. provides state of the art geophysical services using the following methods:

Some of Enviroprobe’s clients include:

  • New Jersey Transit (NJ Transit) for Marine Geophysics locating buried debris in a historical pier area
  • The City of Camden for the location of current and historical utilities in a sewer rehabilitation project
  • The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) for the location of currently used and abandoned electrical conduit in a subway station
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