Enviroprobe Services, Inc. offers excellent equipment and experienced personnel for all your drilling, probing, and monitoring needs. For soil and ground water samples Enviroprobe Services, Inc. uses two Geoprobes model 5410, a Geoprobe model 5400, Geoprobe (Track) Model 6620, two Simco Earthprobe 200s, one mounted on a John Deere Pro Gator 4 x 4, and a Geoprobe 420M (Dolly Probe). This equipment is manned with experienced and trained individuals to provide the maximum production. Enviroprobe also has equipment to install monitoring wells up to 4”. Our services enable our clients to make informed project decisions that positively affect their budget, schedule and project outcomes. The company's principles bring to the organization significant experience relevant to environmental investigations. Our environmental technicians are experienced with handling a wide variety of environmental remediation projects for local and national environmental consulting firms. Enviroprobe's collective experience enables us to operate with an understanding of a consultant's needs with an emphasis on providing fast, efficient and cost effective subsurface investigations and portable laboratory services.

        7822DT Geoprobe

        • Mud Rotary
        • Air Rotary
        • Hollow Stem
        • Monitoring Well Installation
        • 78" probe cylinder stroke uses 60" probe rods
        • Equipped with Geoprobe's powerful GH63 hydraulic hammer


        7720DT Geoprobe
        • 77 in. (1956 mm) probe cylinder stroke allows use of 60 in. (1,524 mm) probe rods
        • Over 20 ton pulling capacity for today’s larger sampling tools and deeper depths
        • Equipped with the powerful GH62 Hammer
        • Built-in rotary spindle for concrete drilling, augering, and anchoring
        • Equipped with a hydraulic winch for handling augers and tripping dual tube sampling tools

        6620 Geoprobe

        • Monitoring well installation
        • 66" probe cylinder stroke uses 60" probe rods
        • 20 ton pulling capacity
        • Equipped with Geoprobe's powerful GH60 hydraulic hammer


        5410 Geoprobe

        • Versatile for soil and ground water sampling
        • 54" stroke using 48" probe rods
        • 28,900 pound pulling capacity

        Geoprobe 420M0001.jpg

        420M Dolly Geoprobe

        • Only 23" wide
        • 125' hose for remote application
        • Great for interior, basement, or tight access spaces
        • Uses 36" Geoprobe rods


        Dingo 5400 Geoprobe

        • Only 36" wide
        • Weighs only 725 pounds
        • Great off-road capabilities
        • 54" stroke using 48" Geoprobe rods

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